Association for a Life-giving Balaton-felvidék

Association for a Life-giving Balaton-felvidék

In Hungary, we have a lot to learn about cooperation; to work with (and not against) each other. Sometimes we are right to feel disappointed, as Hungarians endure one failure after the other. However, there are rays of hope here and there. One of these rays is the Éltető Balaton-felvidékért Egyesület.

Cooperation is good and needed

A decade ago, a handful of people had an idea to initiate cooperation in Balaton-felvidék, with the aim to develop the region. An impressive 60 municipalities of the region became partners for this initiative. Since then, dozens of entrepreneurs have joined our association in – albeit slowly in the grand scheme of things –moving toward a better age, where people are working for, and not against each other.

The power of community

One of the most valuable asset an association can give a business is a motivated community united to achieve the same goal. It cannot be stressed enough that the breakout point in this country comes from cooperation. We have a lot to learn, however, associations like Éltető provide us an opportunity to have this learning process in our everyday lives.

In 2018, it is a unity of 59 municipalities in a narrow-defined, tourism- and domestic tourism-wise active region; an exceptional base. By becoming a member of this community, your business will be a part of a bond with strong potential.

Rural Economy Development

By means of a contract entered into with the Ministry of Agriculture, the association coordinates planning and implementation of utilizing the LEADER rural economy development funds provided by the European Union.

It is always tempting to add on the budget using non-refundable funds; however, everyone knows that the road to a successful tender is long and demanding. If you want to apply for a tender or have development plans, you are not alone; a team with a decade of experience has your back.

Rural Quality

You can read the following at “The »Vidék Minősége« (»Rural Quality«) international trademark is a distinctive trademark of certain European businesses representing special qualities.”

I.e. You have an opportunity to stand out from the crowd; to have your partners be introduced to a business dedicated to quality, everyday people (B2C sector) or businesses (B2B sector) alike.

People like trademarks, especially if they hold real value and content. As a member of the Éltető team and with the Rural Quality trademark your business will communicate the particular importance for quality.

A lot of people say they focus on quality service and high customer satisfaction; however, this is far from the truth. This trademark system serves as a guarantee to exclude products under a certain standard. If you see this trademark as a customer or client, you know you are in the right place.

Build trust, get the Rural Quality trademark!

Be approachable

Collaboration is good, the trademark is important; however, they don’t have much worth if you are unseen, or you can’t reach your target audience.
If you produce products, the ÉLTETŐ points are opportune sale interfaces to have your brand show up in multiple points of within the region. These points do not work with an identical product line; the managers assemble the demonstration products according to the profile of the stores.

Aside from offline i.e. physical representation, online internet presence is an ever-growing necessity. Éltető can help you to have you, your products and your services get noticed via its website event calendar and its social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram).

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