Cold pressed bio and reform cooking oils

Quality health foods from a family business.

Brief description of our products

As we recognized the ever-growing demand for bio and reform foods, we have gradually shifted our focus to the production of cold pressed cooking oils. In 2011, the BIOGOLD bio cooking oil won the “Bio product of the year” award.

Bio Cooking Oils

We make bio oils using garlic, hemp seed, linseed, poppy seed, Mary thistle seed, sunflower seed, grape seed and pumpkin seed.

Reform Cooking Oils

Among reform cooking oils there is canola oil as well as the Omega 3Mix, which is a combination of rapeseed, sunflower seed and grape seed.

Conventional Oils

Our conventional oils are pressed of linseed, poppy seed, grape seed as well as pumpkin seed.

Oil Seed Flours

The flours are made using linseed, poppy seed, grape seed- and skin as well as pumpkin seed.

Featured products

Lucky for us, we are not the only ones who love our products; our customers do as well. Here is a little sample of our favorites.

Bio cooking oil

Made of high oleic acid content bio sunflower seeds by means of cold press and deodorization. The high oleic acid content provides good thermal stability during baking or frying. In 2011, this product won the “Bio product of the year” award.

Bio poppy seed oil

Light yellow-colored liquid, with the taste and fragrance peculiar to the base ingredient. Poppy is one of the most ancient remedy for osteoporosis.

Bio grape seed oil

We use self-developed gentle technology for the extraction and cold press of bio grape seeds during the production process. This way, the valuable antioxidants and vitamins within the grape seed are not damaged.

Omega 3Mix

The BIOGOLD Omega 3Mix cooking oil is remarkable from the aspect of securing an optimal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Bio grape seed and peel micro-powder

The grape seed flour contains fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, oil, sugar, micro food as well as micronutrients. Due to its high fiber-content, it improves gastrointestinal functions.