Bio grape seed and peel micro-powder

The BIOGOLD bio grape seed micro powder is produced from the seed of the cabernet sauvignon red grape grown in Balaton-felvidék.
Due to the micron-sized particles, antioxidants useful for the human body i.e. flavonoids, polyphenols and procyanidines as well as valuable trace elements (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron) found in the grape seed flour can be absorbed more easily.

The grape seed flour contains fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, oil, sugar, micro food as well as micronutrients.

Due to its high fiber-content, it improves gastrointestinal functions.

The vascular protective antioxidant polyphenols are well utilized biologically; its water- and fat-soluble components are absorbed easily in the stomach. It has vascular protective properties even in small doses. Due to its vascular protective properties, it reduces risks of arteriosclerosis, stroke, heart diseases, other tumorous diseases as well as damages within the brain or the nervous system.
By its consumption, the functions of the immune system and overall physical endurance are increased.

Recommended daily dose: 1-2 teaspoon mixed in warm tea, coffee, kefir or yoghurt. Add to flour in a 5-7% amount for cakes or bread.

Apply externally mixed in cosmetic mask.


  • 150 g

Product shot

Biogold Bio grape seed and peel micro-powder 150 g