About us

BIOGOLD Natur Kft. operates as a family business in Balaton-felvidék.

As we recognized the ever-growing demand for bio and reform foods, we have gradually shifted our focus to the production of cold pressed cooking oils.

Cooking oils are produced by large multinational corporations worldwide. We are looking to utilize our assets as a small business to satisfy more specific demands, to connect with our customers and to produce quality products.

Our activities are supervised by Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. In 2011, one of our products, the BIOGOLD bio cooking oil won the “Bio product of the year” award.

Our goal is to produce quality health foods for Hungarians with more conscious eating habits, all the while promoting domestic products, conscious eating and an environmentally friendly viewpoint.

During our state-of-the art, scientifically-based activities we have cooperated with the University of Pannonia; using sunflower-, rape- and grape seed oil, we developed a suppletory cooking oil, which contains the optimum ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, using sunflower-, rape- and grape seed oil. Using spices, we also developed a type of spiced oil.

Photos of the factory, of the filling

2011 Bio Product of the Year

Rural Quality trademark certificate