Bio Mary Thistle Seed Oil

Liver-protecting, detoxifying.

The Mary Thistle (Sylibum marianum) provides effective help for people suffering from different liver diseases.

The Mary Thistle seed oil is cold press-produced 100% seed oil, one of the effective tools for detoxification.

Our everyday lives are full of agitation, chemicals, toxins, cold and warm radiation, mechanical impacts; all of which take their toll on our body.

Mary thistle seed oil is used for the treatment of acute chronic hepatitis, connective tissue growth in the liver, cirrhosis; in case of regular alcohol-consumption; for the treatment of hepatic impairment caused by chemicals and medicine; for supplementary treatment of liver cancer; for easing the effect of detoxification during different kinds of fasting; in case of continuous or regular consumption of medicine as well as to aid in the evacuation of residues from the body.

A 1-month treatment per year is recommended for everyone.

Up to 80 kg bodyweight: 1.5 ml (mocha spoon) DAILY
Over 80 kg bodyweight: 3 ml (teaspoon) DAILY
Consume it scheduled in the morning on an empty stomach, well-mixed with saliva
The amount for one scheduled intake is 50 ml up to a bodyweight of 80 kg; above that, it is 100 ml; It is recommended to repeat the scheduled intake cycle after a week off.

Do not use it with angina pectoris, hyperthyroidism, arrhythmia; it is also forbidden for expecting mothers and nursing mothers.

Store in refrigerator after opening.


  • 100 ml
  • 250 ml

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Biogold Bio Mary Thistle Seed Oil 100 ml
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